Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Multiple Google+ Accounts

I've recently ran into the issue of having multiple Google+ Accounts. I have my personal Google Account that I decided to create a Google+ account for to network both personally and professionally. However, I also work at a University that utilizes Google Apps for Education. For networking within the school I have created a Google+ profile to test and contact Faculty Members, Students, and Staff in a closed environment.

The issue of having both these profiles is that there may be confusion on which profile certain individuals should add. When in doubt, I would prefer individuals add my personal Google+ account, which will follow me throughout my professional career. Since my University account is attached to the University, it will be terminated and all the information and connections might be lost. To ease this confusion, there are some simple steps that can be done to hide your University Google+ account from search engines.

  1. Login to your University Google+ Account
  2. Click Profile
  3. Click Edit Profile, located above your cover photo
  4. Click Profile Discovery
  5. Uncheck Help others discover my profile in search results.
  6. Click Save
This will help hide your profile from search engines. Each individual field on your profile can set individually to hide your information from the public eye by:
  1. Click on the desired field
  2. Change the default "Public" setting to either the "Your Circles" or "University"option
  3. Click Save
It will take several days for your profile to begin falling off of searches. These changes should begin hiding your University Google+ profile from the Public eye, while allowing your Personal/Professional profile to continue appearing in search results.

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