Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have recently been tackling a screencast of the changes in Moodle 2.3 for the DePauw community. As always, I have been following the tried and true ADDIE process. The analysis stage was fairly simple since it was a basic comparison between the features found in 1.9 and the features found in 2.3. Moving to the design phase, things began to get more complicated as I had to narrow down and specify what topics would be covered in this short video. I was able to narrow it down to the new navigation, the new file structure, the addition of the drag&drop feature, and the new activity chooser. This video has quickly become focused on the course creators, rather than the students. Because of this, I would like to create one focused on the changes from the student perspective as well... but that is for another post.

Moving onto the actual development of the video, I was quickly surprised by how difficult it is to write a script! I found myself wanting to ramble on about the technical details, rather than simply showcasing the changes. I once again narrowed my focus and wrote a script for each separate topic. I added in a screenshot to keep my focus and know what exactly I would be showing at the time I was speaking. This strategy really helped and I was able to quickly finish the script. I recorded the script separate from the screencast recording which increased my edit time significantly. Rather than editing one document with video and audio, I had to edit the audio first and then match the video and edit it second. One thing that was extremely helpful was to complete the audio edits and then play it while completing the screencasts. This prevented the video from needed significant edits. After a few more revision cycles, I will be posting the video for all to see!


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