Monday, May 23, 2011

Prezi Rating

Prezi Tutorials
Rating: 5 Stars - 4 Gold & 1 Bronze

Prezi provides three tutorials on their learning page. These tutorials are "Getting Started," "Go to the Next Level," and "Share your Prezi."

  • Is the course presented in the context of real world problems?
    • bronze - the course presents a view of the completion of a module resulting in the learner's ability to perform a task
    • silver - students are engaged in the problem and task levels as well as the operation and action levels
    • gold - students complete multiple problems rather than just 1
1 Star - Gold
The Prezi learning tutorials are presented in the context of real world problems as they relate to creating a Prezi. The objectives for each of the three tutorials is clearly stated in terms of what knowledge you will possess, resulting in what activity you will be able to do (group, zoom, etc.). The learner engagement in the problem and task levels occurs in the more advanced tutorials. Three different tutorials are available, each of which covers more than one problem involved in creating a Prezi.

  • Does the courseware attempt to activate relevant prior knowledge or experience? (Activation)
    • bronze - students use prior knowledge as a basis to build in the new learning
    • silver - the course facilitates students in building relevant experience to build knowledge upon
    • gold - students are given opportunities to utilize prior experience and knowledge of subjects
1 Star - Gold
The tutorials focus on creating a Prezi while assuming learners will utilize prior knowledge of PowerPoints as well as computer skills. The tutorials provide information that learners will be able to build upon later during the creation of the Prezi. The tutorials provide learners with a picture of the program limitations in reference to other presentation formats, allowing learners to use their own experience in understanding.
  • Does the courseware demonstrate (show examples) of what is to be learned rather than merely tell information about what is to be learned? (Demonstration)
    • bronze - the course maintains consistency between the demonstrations being utilized and the skills being developed
    • silver - learner guidance techniques are being applied
    • gold - media is both used to enhance learning and relevant to coursework
1 Star - Gold
The tutorials focus is on demonstrating the actions typically taken when creating a Prezi. Demonstrations are relevant and provide a means for learners future application of skills. Demonstrations allows provide all skills needed for successful creation of a Prezi.
  • Do learners have an opportunity to practice and apply their newly acquired knowledge or skill? (Application)
    • bronze - practice and tests are consistent with stated objectives
    • silver - learners are required to complete varied sequences of problems and are provided constructive feedback
    • gold - students are able to access help and guidance from instructors if faced with problems, and this safety net is gradually reduced through the progression of the course
1 Star - Bronze
Application does not occur in either of the three tutorials. I can understand why no application occurs, since this is an overall learning tool for the Prezi site. The tutorials assume that the learner will apply their knowledge and skills through create of Prezi presentations. However, no constructive feedback is given and little access to instructors is available.
  • Does the courseware provide techniques that encourage leaner's to integrate (transfer) the new knowledge or skill into their everyday life? (Integration)
    • bronze - students are able to publicly demonstrate gained knowledge
    • silver - students are provided opportunities to discuss and defend their new knowledge
    • gold - students are provided opportunities to use their new knowledge to invent, create, and learn
1 Star - Gold
Integration is strong in the Prezi tutorials. Learners are able to create and share Prezi presentations online. Learners are able to discuss and defend their Prezi knowledge through the site as well.

ReferencesMerrill, M.D. (2001). 5 star instructional design rating. Utah State University. (2011).

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